Endless Sustainable Choices with Premium Quality

PlasticFri™ offers high-quality products with a Premium-Feel which is  a perfect value-added offering for anyone to minimize their carbon footprint significantly.

The products are 100% Compostable, Biodegradable and Customizable with design, size and color. Please contact us for the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of the customized products.

Shopping / Promotional Bags


Our high-quality carrier bags with a premium-feel

are a perfect choice for any Organization / Company to reduce their carbon footprint,

move towards a circular economy and

reach their CSR targets

while enhancing their brand image by using the bags for green marketing.

Waste / Garbage Bags


A Green choice for anyone who wants to contribute to a cleaner ecosystem and reduce their environmental impact.

Disposable Cups


Drinking Cups with ZERO PLASTIC

Eliminating conventional plastics from disposable cups with our unique and patented design.

A great choice for any

Café / Restaurant / Company / Organization 

looking for environmentally friendly and innovative products.

Disposable Gloves

Pet Waste Bags

 Zip Lock Bags


From Europe

For our Planet

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